August 19, 2010

Doors Open Milwaukee: Full steam ahead!

Over the last few months much has been happening behind the scenes as HMI prepares to roll out Doors Open Milwaukee (DOM) on September 24 & 25 of 2011. DOM hopes to open up to a hundred buildings in the downtown area free of charge, featuring parts of those buildings usually not accessible to the public.
Here's a "Top Ten" list of what we've accomplished thus far.

1. A detailed business plan has been developed.
2. A small commitee has been strategizing, planning, and working on the multitude of tasks that need to be completed to ensure the event's success.
3. Potential key supporters are being contacted.
4. A dozen "seed" building owners are being brought on board to help kick start our efforts to enlist those hundred buildings for the event.
5. Grants have been and are continuing to be submitted to help underwrite DOM.
6. Key sponsors are being sought.
7. A striking Doors Open Milwaukee logo has been designed.
8. Alliances with professional, civic and business associations are being forged.
9. Building owner packets have been assembled and are beginning to be distributed.
10.A seven minute DOM video is up and running on YouTube.

Next week: Watch for the list of buildings DOM hopes to include in the event.

George Wagner
Project Manager

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